Dental Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Have you ever thought about having a whiter and brighter smile, or are you looking for a safe, conservative procedure to get rid of old enamel stains? It’s natural for teeth to stain overtime, but you don’t need to live with yellow teeth. Contact our office for a no-cost whitening assessment.

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Dental Whitening


Looking for a solution to replace missing teeth? Partial or complete dentures may be your way to go. After having an in-depth review, our specialists will take an impression of your teeth, which is then used to create a model of your custom-made dentures.

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Dental Services in St. Catharines, Ontario

Dental Hygiene

Are you curious about the state of your oral health today, or are looking for a thorough cleaning to get those hard to reach spots? Our examinations not only include cleaning, but also our hygienists help you establish a proper routine and assess the health of your gums and teeth.

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Dental Services

Client Testimonials

  • "Pain-free appointments, friendly/welcoming environment and staff, knowledgeable staff."
    - D. Holder

    "Everyone here is just great."
    - E. Kimpinski

    "Dr. Salamé and staff are wonderful! I tend to be scared of the dentist J but everyone is great and reassuring. He explains everything before he starts. I almost enjoy coming :)"
    - J. Donaldson

  • "For someone like me, who is very nervous, the Maplewood Dental staff makes me comfortable."
    - L. Thomz

    "Awesome, very friendly and gentle staff. Great people."
    - L. Wiggams

    "Dr. Salamé is amazing, Joanna and all their front staff."
    - Cara Z.

    "Everything done to perfection."
    - V.C.

  • "The good doctor and staff @ Maplewood Dental are very friendly, professional and accommodating. Highly recommended."
    - Len

    "Dr. Salamé is a good dentist! They are really good at what they do!"
    - Keira T.

    "Very impressed."
    - Nancy V. K.

  • "I am very satisfied with Dr. Salamé and his staff, their knowledge, dedication and friendly manner."
    - M.F.B.

    "We didn’t have a dentist, but he took us, no questions asked, we will be forever grateful for his service and dedication."
    - Frank B.

    "Caring, gentle, and professional."
    - H. Beath

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